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Reflective blind 76



Reflective blind 76 is a fabric roller blind for darkening glazed surfaces and is installed on the exterior facades of buildings or inside of rooms.

If installed on exterior facades, heat from sunlight is kept outside of the window (building) and does not penetrate into the room. This is the „natural air conditioning” effect, reducing the amount of electricity necessary to provide air conditioning of rooms.

The cassette has a width of 76mm and a height of 81mm. Depending on needs, 3 types of guide systems can be applied. For exterior conditions, G31 shallow guide bars or line guides are applied, and for interior application, G80 deep guide bars are used. Reflective blind 76 may have a manual drive (crank or crank with fair-lead – exterior installation) or an electric drive, controlled by remote or wall switch.

The system has group control capability. Reflective blind 76 is also available in the 76 LOCK system, which can be used outdoors even when there are gusts of wind thanks to the LOCK system, which tightens the fabric after it is unfolded and automatically locks the lower beam.

Only an electrical drive is available in this option.