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Mosquito nets



Mosquito nets are made on custom orders, and provide 100% protection against insects. The mesh is made from fiber glass laced with PVC. Each point of connection is bonded using infrared radiation (to avoid factors limiting the transparency of connections), which ensures extraordinary durability of the mesh. The appropriately small openings in the mesh stop insects while allowing free circulation of air.

Framed window mosquito nets are the simplest form of mosquito nets and are suitable for all types of windows (regardless of whether the window is made of wood, PVC, or aluminum) – they are cheap and practical. They are easy to install and uninstall, anyone can do it.

The application of a framed window mosquito net does not limit the function of the window or an exterior roller blind. Mosquito nets are made from aluminum profiles in the following standard colors: white, chocolate bronze, dark bronze, light bronze (walnut) and golden oak. Framed door mosquito nets are a very practical and economical version of mosquito nets available on the market.

Thanks to special hinges, doors are opened very easily and close automatically. To open a mosquito net door from the outside, just grab the handle. Mosquito nets are made from aluminum profiles in the following standard colors: white and dark bronze. Cassette window and door mosquito nets have guide bars and a cassette. After the mosquito net is unlocked, the mesh automatically rolls up into the cassette.

Rolling up of the mesh to the cassette takes place as follows: in a mosquito net door, horizontally, and in a window mosquito net, vertically (up-down). This system is installed on the exterior side of a window or door, thanks to which it is possible to leave it installed for the whole year.